What is Odoo ?

Odoo is the most popular business management software. Used by more than 3 million users, Dootix is also using Odoo for its own day to day management. From sales to invoices and accounting, in addition to the website and its corresponding SEO, all the required apps are available directly in this unique software.

Sharing the same core values, we are proud to be an official partner of this ERP solution. Today we are integrating this solution in companies located in Switzerland.


1. Odoo S.A.

The Odoo software, Enterprise edition, is maintained and developed by the Belgian company Odoo S.A. With more than 400 collaborators and an active open-source community, Odoo S.A. is constantly improving the Odoo software to make it a robust and powerful solution, involving the last available technologies. Dootix is an official Odoo partner and can integrate the solution in your company.


2. Apps

The Odoo software works with a list of apps, which can be activated following your needs. Accounting, e-shop, website, human resources, etc. you only are using what you really need. It is the end of the software that you only half use, with Odoo you only install and use what brings productivity to your company. And if it is required, Dootix can develop custom made apps for your instance.


3. User experience

With its highly user-friendly interface, your collaborators have a great pleasure to use Odoo. It is the end of redundant, useless and tedious tasks, you welcome high productivity and fluidity, thanks to simple and user-friendly apps.


4. Integration

Odoo relies on a web interface, accessible from anywhere and on every available device. Do not worry about updates, they are automatic and fully covered. Odoo S.A. has its own datacenter, they host your Odoo instance such that you do not have to worry about backups and availability. Dedicated to small or big companies, Odoo is very attractive, especially due to its low cost.